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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning and continuous improvement are inseparable, you can't have one without the other. A strong team without a plan will always fall far short of its potential. And because competitors and markets don't stand still, a lack of strategic planning can spell disaster. To use a maritime illustration, you need both a strong engine room and the rudder pointed in the right direction.

This workshop, (the product of 20 years leading the strategic planning process as a senior executive across Canada) will equip leaders to understand the strategic planning process and then make, communicate and execute thoughtful choices. The workshop offers a clear and powerful planning methodology developed over years of study and experience that gets results.

Workshop Overview:

  • Defining strategy: what it is and why it matters.
  • The benefits of strategic planning.
  • An 8 step methodology for developing and executing the plan.
  • Establishing priorities early: which business are you in?
  • Determining the right time frame for the plan.
  • Completing a situation analysis.
  • The strategic hierarchy.
  • Writing objectives.
  • Developing strategies and tactics.
  • Communicating the plan and the progress.
  • Keeping watch - the leader's role as overseer.
  • Keys to effective execution.
  • Avoiding the big mistakes.

Whether you are introducing the strategic planning process to your team or looking to sharpen skills, this may be just the workshop you need to take your planning efforts to a whole new level.


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"Dan has the ability to bring all aspects of leadership into sharp focus by bringing his wealth of personal experiences blended with his currency in current leadership thinking. One on one as a coach-mentor or in a team building workshop Dan brings instant credibility to topics that one does not normally think of in daily routines. He provides ample insights where one can improve upon current practice. Dan's passion for the role of a Leader is truly stimulating and instills a sense of renewed purpose."
– Les Panek, Senior Vice President, Environment, AMEC Earth and Environmental