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Leadership Power: A Creative Or Corrosive Force

"Nearly all men can stand adversity but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." – Abraham Lincoln.

Power is an indispensable leadership tool - the way leaders use it is often among their most defining marks. Used well, it becomes a creative force. Used poorly, it becomes corrosive. Assignments, promotions, dismissals, staff meetings, corrections and encouragements are just a few of the many expressions of leadership power. While poor leaders often use it to bully and intimidate, the best use it to unlock the potential of the people they lead. Learning how to use power well in the interests of the team, its mission and its people is essential to effective leadership.

During this powerful half-day workshop we examine the way the most effective leaders use their positional authority.

Workshop Overview:

  • Power and character
  • Authority and influence: two variations on power
  • Control and delegation
  • Keys to effective delegation
  • The benefits of a loose grip
  • Situational leadership
  • Three facets of team life the leader must protect with power
  • The power of a leader's expectations


December 2017

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"Dan delivered his Heart and Hands of Leadership workshop as a guest speaker to kick-off to our senior management retreat. The content and particularly Dan's delivery of the information acted as catalysts in creating the conditions of success for our meeting. Throughout our sessions we kept referring back to the workshop as a benchmark of leadership behaviours required to bring our company to its next level. Participants were impressed with Dan's style and in his generosity to share from his own business management experience. No doubt in my mind that having Dan involved in our retreat will have a lasting impact on the success of Chariot Carriers in the future".
– Pierre Doyon, CEO, Chariot Carriers Inc.