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5 Hallmarks of Great Teams

Could it be that all teams thrive and struggle for the same reasons? Could it be that high performing teams all have something that distinguishes them from all others? 15 years of building the teams I led across Canada and now another 15 years of working with a great many teams across different industries through Gaynor Consulting has convinced me that there are five hallmarks that are essential to high performance. During this half day, I'll share these distinguishing characteristics, sharing why and how they affect performance and offering practical guidance to assist participants in moving their teams in the right direction.

You'll discover how to build a team that works with passion, moves smoothly through the biggest changes and rises to meet each challenge. This highly practical workshop will provide the tools for leadership teams and individuals to diagnose where their teams can focus to improve the most.

Whether yours is a good team looking to get better, or a struggling team looking for some answers, this is a workshop that everyone in leadership should experience.

  • The connection between leadership and team performance
  • A powerful perspective on what it means to be a team
  • The way in which culture affects team performance
  • The symptoms of team trouble
  • Finding the right balance between strong and caring leadership
  • Three hallmarks that are characteristic of effective leaders
  • Two hallmarks that are characteristic of effective team members
  • Overcoming the challenge of achieving buy-in
  • A powerful approach to decision making


December 2017

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"In 2007 following the acquisition of the Osprey Newspaper organization, Sun Media's newly formed Senior Leadership team saw a significant need for Leadership Development. As we began to look for a business partner it quickly became apparent that Dan Gaynor was the logical choice. Dan's ability to communicate in a clear and concise manner creates an environment of open and frank dialogue which is critical to the learning experience. Dan draws on his own personal experience from a wide variety of Senior Management roles to present content in a practical and non-theoretical manner. Over 400 leaders attended Dan's sessions. The feedback and comments from the participants has been nothing short of extraordinary. To a person they have commented that they enjoyed the sessions and were able to take what they learned and apply it quickly and effectively."
– Chris Krygiel, VP People and Leadership, Sun Media Corporation.